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In Diapositive, six artists take on found or neglected 35mm slide collections as medium and subject matter, subverting the format’s 20th century associations as didactic or diaristic storytelling tools. Once the premier medium for the communal presentation of photographic travelogues, as well as art historical instruction, 35mm slides collections are rarely built today yet they still persist and change hands, chiefly among artists, librarians, film enthusiasts, and nostalgists. Their beauty and complexity as objects, symbols, and relics, often prevents their destruction by various stewards, even after long periods of disuse or the lack of a working projector. The artists in Diapositive don’t require projectors either. Their critical mediations of these found images allow viewers ample space for projections of their own. Through their appropriations, reconfigurations, and interrogations of this rich realm of image culture, they shed new light on this persistent format.

Curated by Lisa McCarty and Frank Konhaus.
Featured artists include Lucinda Bunnen, Amy Herman, Eric Pickersgill, Ian Trask, Vesna Pavlović, and Jean Shin

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Opening Reception: Thursday, July 26th, 7-9pm
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